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Shanghai Electrostatic Discharge Seminar

April 27-28, 2006  (14th organized by ESD-china)

Shanghai (14th) Electrostatic Discharge seminar was held by ESD-china in Shanghai New Asia Hotel during April 27-28,2006

Dr. Jiusheng Huang, NARTE certified ESD Engineer Consultant gave the topic is "assembly-level and system-level ESD protection technology integrated with the factory management level ESD control program."


Mr. YamaguchiJapan, ESD Association in Japan presented the topic"Electrostatic Control (EOS/ESD/ESA) of Electronics Industry". He focused on the IC, LCD, the PCBA industry ESD testing program.

Business groups under the principle of first rows of seats, please register their presence disturbs the payments, sits in front of the teachers see students more easily

The students feedbacks show that the seminar is very good innovative and have many practical knowledge, the teachers expressed the ideal clearly and easier to understand. The organizations gave thoughtful service.

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