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Applied Electrostatics, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference’ 1993, Beijing, Edited by RuiNian Li

Chapter 1  Novel cold plasma technologies for pollution control

l         Novel cold plasma technologies for pollution control

l         Reduction of Nox from a combustion flue gas by superimposing surface and silent discharges 

l         A phenomenon of oxidation in removal of 502 from flue gas by positive pulsed streamer

l         Study on decomposition of gas pollutants by ultra-high voltage pulse corona discharge

l         Effect of oxygen concentration on NO removal from flue gas using streamer corona

l         A simplified model for oxidation of Nox and S02 by low temperature plasma

l         Matching between voltage pulse generator and reactor for producing low temperature plasma by positive pulse corona

l         Optimum energization for DeNox by means of pulse discharge

l         Experiments on a generator/reactor system of corona removal of S02/Nox

       The characteristics of pulsed streamer corona and energy transfer efficiency

l         The influence of gas composition on the electrical. characteristics of pulse corona discharge

l         Discharge characteristics of positive and negative short pulse corona

l         Influence of dc-bias voltage and rise time of pulses on ozone synthesis in electrostatic precipitator

l         Nanosecond corona discharge for decomposition of gas phase formaldehyde


Chapter II  Static electrification and dielectrias

l         Charging of particles of different materials in AC-electric field

l         Gas-discharge phenomena at edge of a Kirlian object

l         Charge-traping sites in polypropylene

l         Accurate auto-separation of observed TSC curves by the theory of the fundamental element

l         Toner charge polarity reversal phenomenon in two-component developer

l         Piezoelectric properties of double layer electrets

l         Tree and spherulite in polypropylene by means of     image processing

l         Treeing resistance of interface prepared between     two cross-linked polyethylenes

l         Triboelectric charging in a circulating fluidized bed

l         Corona charging current in Polyethylene terephtalate films

Chapter III  Electrostatic spraying and aerosol deposition

l      Reverse modelling technique for designing an electrostatic nozzle for sprayin4 catalytic melt

l      Electrostatic sprayers of liquid, influence of sprayer parameters on efficiency of liquid spraying and charging  

l      On Rayleigh's criterion for disruption of a charged droplet

l      Electrohydrodynamic atomization of water in a grounded metal container

l    Deposition of charged aerosol in human airways

Chapter    Prevention of electrostatic hazards in oil and chemical industries

l       Bulk powder electrostatic hazards

l       Powder combustion testing using electrostatic

l       A study of testing the minimum ignition energy of combustible dusts

l       Safety evaluation of electrostatic charging caused by agitation of flammable liquids

l       Effect of Benzotriazol and contaminants on Streaming Electrification in Transformer Oil

l       The effect of a preferential adsorption and a unipolar injection of charge on a liquid hydrocarbon saturating a porous medium

l       Diffuse layer development at solid-liquid interface

l       Study of an on-line monitoring technique about oil electrostatic

l       An experimental study of corona-ion current of air terminals

Chapter V  Novel techniques in electrostatic precipitation

l         The theory of the low energy electron dust particle removing system

l         Industrial applications of wet tubular electrostatic precipitators

l         The use of ESP in coal transport system for the control of dust emission

l         Corona Discharge Characteristics by a Contaminated Wire Electrode in an Air-cleaning ESP

l         Circuit design and application of a power supply controller for 'Iv electrostatic precipitation

l         High voltage pulse power supply with non-spark discharge

Chapter VI  Novel Applied electrostatic techniques

l         Formation and evaluation of images obtained by the toner jetting method (part 1)

l         Electrostatic separation of coal pyrite in a circulating fluidized bed

l         The measurement of friction coefficient for various thin films using millimeter-size movers driven electrostatic force

l         Experiments on effects of high voltage static field on the ultra-weak chemiluminescence of semen of Inner Mongolia cashmere goats and New Zealand rabbit

l         The prospect of engineering application of electro-rheological technique in China

Chapter VII  Electrostatic measurement techniques

l         Development of Kerr electro-optic measurement method for non-uniform three-dimensional electric field

l         Efficient bulk search for fractional charge with multiplexed Millikan chamber

l         Application of the electrical modulation of a charged solid particle stream to the mass flow rate measurement by means of any non-contact method

l         A principle of measuring the mobility spectrum versus ageing of atmospheric ions

l         A new principle of electrostatic potential measurement and its application


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