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Development in Applied Electrostatics, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Applied Electrostatics, 1997, Edited by Sun Keping

Plenary Lecture

l         Drug delivery' by inhalation of charged particles

l         Industrial experiments on generator and reactor system for S02 removal from flue gas by pulse corona discharge

l         Chemical kinetics model of ozone synthesis and S02/ N0x removal by streamer corona

Chapter 1 Novel cold plasma technologies for pollution control

l         Corona induced non-thermal plasmas fundamental study and industry application

l         Removal of N0X and SO2 from gas stream by impulse corona energization

l         Matching between generator and reactor for producing pulse corona discharge

l         Flue gas conditioning by conversion 502 in nanosecond corona discharge

l         A study of density distributions of high energy electrons produced from corona discharge in the air along the radial of reactor by advanced emission spectral method

l         Ferroelectric packed bed reactor for pollution control in gases by cold plasma

l         Novel technology for pollution control

l         Basic research on development of an electrostatic fog-liquefier composed of rod electrodes

l         Influence of voltage rise time to pulse corona characteristics

l         The electrons, Ions and electric field between electrodes in negative corona discharge

l         Investigations on removal of S02 from flue gas by aerosol formation in pulsed corona discharge process

Chapter 2  Static Electrification and Dielectrics

l       Theoretically predicted charge on droplets produced with a pneumatic nozzle in a corona field

l       The influence of the surface and bulk electrochemical processes on the current- voltage characteristic and electrization of near-electrode domains in low-conductive liquids

l       The prevent effect of additive on the streaming electrification

l       Fractal characterization of the dipole moments of dielectric particle chains

l       Pseudo-electret field distribution

l       Effect of crystal face on frictional electrification of single ice crystals

l       Effect of pulverization on charge trapping properties of polymethy Imethacrylate

l       Spherical particle with conductive and dielectric properties in non-uniform electric field

l       charge storage and transport in polymethy lmethacrylate (PMMA) film

l       The explanation of the theory of electrical double layer for frictive rnicro-rnechanism

l       The research in electrostatic field when impurities are mixed in the oil in a transformer

l       Experimental research on the chemical durability of glass by using the electric field force

Chapter 3  Electrostatic spraying and aerosol deposition

l       Digital type photoconductor for laser printer

l       Electrification of the walls of channels by an aerosol stream containing charge particles

l       The high voltage electrostatic generator used in spraying paint

Chapter 4  Novel techniques in electrostatic precipitator

l         The impact of corona electrode configurarion on ESP performance

l         Novel pulsed power source for electrostatic precipitators

l         Migration velocity and visualization of the trajectory of fly ash particles of inside an electrostatic Precipitator

l         Mathematical model for electrostatic precipitator design

l         New techno logy for the rehabilitation of the Romanian electrostatic precipitators in order to integrate their emissions into the European Standard Specification

l         Experimental study' on S02 and NOx removal from flue gases by electron beam and microwave irradiation

l         The mechanism of agglomerating behavior produced by polarizing flyash particle

l         Application o{high voltage electrostatic precipitator in coal transportation line

l         Studies on the electric field characteristics of coal powder electrostatic precipitation

l         A study on the supporter structure of silicon stack1 used in high voltage electrostatic power supplies

l         Research on the reliability of the rectification transformer of small high voltage electrostatic precipitator

l         Application of new devices and new materials to D.C high voltage power supply of electrostatic precipitator

l         investigation on high efficiency oil mist filtration with kitchen ESP

l         The research and production main ideaes of the high voltage electrostatic generator charge particles

l         The high voltage electrostatic precipitator for PbO dust

Chapter 5  Novel applied electrostatics

l         Inpedence and dielectrophoresis of mouse hybridoma cells and myeloma cells

l         Sterilizing effect of escherichia coli by critical HV impuse parameter

l         Effect of high voltage static electric field on fertilization rate of cock spermatozoa and embryo development

l         The experiment and physics analysis on drying vegetables in the electric field

l         Positive effect of high voltage electrostatic field on the development of in vitro fertilized mouse embryos

l         Influence of static electricity treatment on division and proliferation of plant cells

l         Effects of electret on hyaluronic acid content and vascular permeability of skin of scalded rats

l         Magnetic lid potential welt and the application of it to controlled nuclear fusion

l         Development and using of applying the piezoelectric ceramic transformer high voltages power sourse to the static duplicator

l         Application of high voltage electrostatic field on the emulsification of fuel oil

l         Path of charged particle and distribution of electric potential in the system of static electricity focusing

l         A model of enzyme activated by external electric field

Chapter 6 Electrostatic Measurement techniques

l         Calibration of an electrostatic flow probe for mass flow rate measurement

l         Non-contacting method of determining DC dielectric constant for a thin insulating polymer layer

l         A hybrid-sensing system for web charge measurement

l         Two-step probe calibration to determine electrostatic charge on dielectric surface

l         A new test method and instrument of frictional voltage decaying for fabrics

l         The investigation of electrostatic charging by the use of a scanning electron microscope

l         Investigations on a novel electric field sensor

l         On the measurement of human body capacitance

l         Researches on new techniques and a novel monitor used in testing electrostatic charge-density in fuel system

l         Studies of the dynarnic charge inductive electrostatic voltmeter

l         A study on the ion meter for atomspheric ion measurement

l         The application of fuzzy neural network in tanker static electricity monit

l         The measuring of dielectric constant of the oil and the autocontrol of oil-seperator

Chapter 7 Prevention of Electrostatic Hazards

l       Experimental determination of lightning propagation velocity at low altitude

l       Computer and its control system, the research and application of static electricity prevention

l       Electrostatic nutyre of ball lightning

l       Basic way thinking about antistatic as viewed from job site

l       Research on real electrostatic sensitivity test for conductive-powder electroexplosive device

l       Eliminating electrostatic hazards in the packing of polypropylene powder

l       Effects of electrostatic discharge on human body

l       Study of optimal irradiation technology on modification of polymer electrostatic properties with an electron beam

l       Test and study of electrostatic ignition in the process of steam cleaning in tank car

l       A study on anti-electrostatic property of special vinyl on / cotton blending fabric

l       Experiment investigation of the field radiated by human electrostatic discharge (ESD)

l       The influence of inductance on the FSD current by numerical computation

l       Research on transport character of electric particle in pipeline

l       Measurement and elimination of the electrostatics in moving powder materials

l       Control of the electrostatic hazard from phosphorous pentosuiphide (P2S5)

l       Harness the electrostatic hazard of antiager

l       The technology condition and desigh of electrostatic earthing floating net on the surface of light oil product

l       Research on electrical field numerical calculation & safety evaluation in cylindrical silo filled powder

l       Laboratory research on shielding effect of the novel conductive cloth to microwave

l       Electrostatic discharge from the body

l       Analysis and treatment for the fire accident caused by electrostatics in pump house of LPG


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