ESD-china Association


Electrostatics Links Web Sites


Electrostatics Society of American (USA)

Electrostatic Discharge Association  (USA)

Institute of Electrostatics Japan (Japan)

Institute of Physics - Static Electrification Group (UK)

Electrostatic Processes  Committee of IEEE  (IEEE/EPC)

Journal of Electrostatics  

EMC Lab at University of Missouri-Rolla   A lots of EMC information

IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society  

NARTE:  A worldwide, non-profit, professional organization certifying engineers and technicians in ESD, EMC and telecommunications
ESD & Application of Electrostatics information in China   (Most are in Chinese) the UK based on-line static electricity R&D and consultancy center


Mark N. Horenstein: Ph.D -Professor of  Boston University  Editor of J.Electrostatics

Thomas B. Jones: Ph.D-Professor of Electrical Engineering of  University of Rochester

Doug Smith       EMC/EMI/ESD Consultant

          Dr.A.Wallash                 ESD/EMI/EOS Exper
W. D. Greason           ESDEOS Expert
        Dr. James Drewniak      EMI/EMC Expert
Dr. David Pommerenke         ESD/EMI/EMC Expert

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