ESD-china Association

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) Seminar in Beijing

(Beijing, May25-26,2006)

ESD-china Association organized many electrostatic discharge (ESD) seminars in recent years

It is easy to understand the training program.

The ESD training is not only comprehensive and systematical and have many experiments to demonstrate the principle of the ESD.

As a visiting scholars in the EMC lab of University of Missouri(UMR), Dr.Jiusheng Huang have many experience in the system level ESD testing and debugging.

As a result, the training program is easy to understand for the students

 A large number of experiments are prepared by Dr.Huang to demonstrate from the basic of electrostatics,  ESD effects and the technique in the factory level, the system level and component-level ESD control.

Dr.Jiusheng Huang has over 20 years experience in the factory level,system level ESD/EMI in solving practical difficult problems  

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Dr.Jiusheng Huang is NARTE (United States) Engineer consultant since 2002

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